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Pointe Shoes Drawing

by Sue Bledsoe

Pointe shoes Drawing

Pointe shoes Drawing

Pointe shoes Drawing
Four Ballerinas
The Snow Dance from

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Pointe Shoes Drawing
These pointe shoes are a part of the calendar of 12 ballet photos. I made it my goal to draw every one.

With this one and the next, I only have 3 more to do.

In this drawing, I used my trusty mechanical pencil to sketch it in, then used colored pencils. I experimented with layering to get the right shade. I feel pretty good about them although this dancer must have really big feet.

The next sketch of the four ballerinas at barre was much, much more difficult.

I used a mechanical pencil on all but the blackest part.

The little girl on the left side went fine until I tried to draw her hand holding up the wall. I had to really study the angle of the right arm. It came out ok but not perfect.

The instructor is the tallest dancer. She was easier that the rest. 9 down, 3 to go.

The Snow Dance from "The Nutcracker"
This is a dancer from the Snow Queen corps of "The Nutcracker."

It is my favorite dance in the Nutcracker (and believe me, after watching it 14 years in a row, I consider myself an expert).

This is part of the Ballerina collection I am working on.

I use a #2 mechanical pencil (.5 mil) and do not spend a lot on them. I like the way they are coming along.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Sue
You are certainly motoring along through those 12 reference pics! I look forward to seeing your final 3. It will be interesting to compare the last one with your very first one. I'll also be keen to hear what you have noticed yourself, improvement and understanding -wise.

Out of your 3 drawings here, I can't help but feel a pull to the "Four Ballerinas". It is my favorite. You have their feet and leg stance done perfectly - well done!

I'm not sure I could have sat through 14 years of "Nutcracker" so my hat's off to you.

I am sure your drawings look better in real life because I know you are enlarging them for us and that's the reason some look a little smudged.

Now that you are aware about suggesting facial features (see Calendar Ballerina Drawings ) rather than trying to detail them, I think you will improve out of sight. This is where the mechanical pencil shines because it is so much easier to get those tiny eyes in place. Observation is the key.

Thanks for making such great, entertaining pages for everyone, it's much appreciated.

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