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Random drawings

by Sharon Du Plessis
(Gauteng, South Africa)



Pen and Ink
Still Life
Still Life

These drawings do tell a story of their own!
The 2 babies in one bed, is actually visions of my twin-daughter's birth in 1998, with charcoal- this drawing is my favourite!

(Sharon, I hope you don't mind, I edited the birth date to be careful with private information.)

The pen and ink drawing of the boy with the cows, is a very intense drawing, with lots of detail, and it took me a while to complete it. It also resembles poverty in a rural area, where life is not advanced and has its own slow 'pace'- peaceful can be used to describe this drawing.

Note from Kerry:

Sharon, the drawing of the twins is so beautiful.
The pen and ink drawing is brilliant with wonderful detail. Your still life are also very good. Great work!

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