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Segment Drawings

by Michael Betz
(Las Vegas)

Exercise 2

Exercise 2

I actually did this segment drawing last month. This is the last completed drawing or excercise that I've done.

I did this one as an excercise from a Lee Hammond book, Lifelike Drawing with Lee Hammond.

This one I took out of a magazine, it was an ad for a popular car. The object, as I stated before, is to isolate just a small portion of the reference photo, and draw only what is in that little's to train you not to see your subject as a whole, but as smaller portions of shapes......

I used my ever faithful Parker Arrow 2B mechanical pencil for the main drawing, and a 6B and a 4H for shading and rendering, a used several sizes of tortillons, a kneaded eraser, a pink eraser, a typewriter eraser..... yes this time an actual type writer eraser with the pointy hard eraser....... excellent for removing graphite for highlights.....

Note from Kerry:
Hi Michael!

Wow, I'm feeling kinda privileged that you are spending some of your time with us!

So, really? This is the last drawing you have done? Is your hand going numb? It's unusual for you not to be drawing.

I think segment drawing is an interesting exercise and one that I'd like to try someday soon. In fact, all of us should be practicing drawing by doing fun exercises just like this!

I like the drawing, I think you've done a great job as usual. I also like the background. Overall, I think it's quite cool.

I do have a typewriter pencil eraser around here somewhere, I must dig it out and give it a go. Obviously, it needs to be used with care so the paper texture doesn't get ruined.

On a side note, how is your job going? Are you happy?

(See what happens when I don't get to chat with you -- I ask a lot of pesky questions!)

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