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In The Moonlight

by arish john andrews
(india kerala)

Hey, do you remember the 'FERRY MAN'? The poor funny fellow!!! If you forget him, please take a look at my drawing Ferry Man .

He became very happy when he saw his drawing on my canvas. Then he invited me to his house. Suddenly I went with him. It was a hut and I realized that he was a very poor man. But he treated me very well. The hut situates in a wonderful place and there are palm trees around it. His hut, boat, palm trees and the river shone in the twilight.

I traced the fantastic sight in my mind and I have drawn it. This gives birth to 'IN THE MOONLIGHT'....on the glass!!!

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Arish John
This is so beautiful, well done!! I absolutely love this piece of yours. I have a picture hanging in my bedroom that is very similar to this one, only mine is made from straw. I am drawn to this scenery and I am so happy, I feel like you made this for me. Thanks Arish!

Edited to add comments:
by: rachel
Hey Arish John, this really is beautiful. I really do love it.

by: Barton
Hi Arish.
wow...what a awsome drawing and story,please keep us up to date on how the Ferry Man os doing with your Fabulous drawings.

by: Michael Betz
Arish this is great! I love the way that you did this piece. I might keep a copy of this one.....

by: Marty
Hello Again Arish:
This is just beautiful.
I really love the way you brought me into your drawing with your story. And I think you done a great job with your story line and your artwork.

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In The Rain

by Arish

In the rain  through  the  fields

In the rain through the fields

I like villages very much.

There is a village near my town. There are fields here and there in that village. Sometimes I vist there to enjoy the tranquil nature. I love rain too.

So I draw a picture like this...

***Note from Kerry:
This is such a beautiful drawing, Arish. You've made me feel like I am standing there with you. You have a wonderful artistic flair.

Edited to add:

by: Michael Betz
Arish, you never cease to amaze are absolutely brilliant! Do you mind if I keep a copy o fthis one?

by: Cindy
Arish! This is beautiful!! Great artistry and composition!! I love it!

by: Marty
Hello Arish:
I believe we wil all love this drawing. I know I do.
You always give us a great and awesome piece of artwork.
Thank You Arish.

by: Emilie Leming
Just like my home town...
Hello Arish,
I just wanted to tell you how much I love your drawing of rain in the fields. I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington in the US & love the rain. You have captured the serenity that comes with the rain beautifully. Please keep up your work. It is lovely & exudes the sense of peace & solitude that comes with rain. Thank you...

by: Arish
Thank you for all the comments you posted,and Michael no problem you can keep a copy of this. It's my pleasure.

by: Michael Betz
Thank you Arish...I appreciate that.....

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Ferry Man

by arish john andrews
(india kerala)

There is a ferry near my home.Whenever I went for fishing, I would see a ferryman there. He is a fun loving old man.

He is a very poor man who earn his daily bread through ferrying. He sings beautiful songs while doing his job.

Once I went to the ferry with canvas expecting the ferryman to capture him on my canvas. I was upset as he was not there. Then i heard a loud song with an accompany of the whispering river. LOOK HERE HE COMES....

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Arish John
I love your drawing!! Your story is fantastic too, it makes such a difference. Thank you Arish John, for providing a great story and terrific artwork. Hey and thanks for supporting the other artists, I've seen your comments here and there - it is very good of you.

Edited to add more comments from Arish:
Magic Piece
Thank you for your beautiful imagination. We can interpret an artwork in many ways. It can be read as steps coming down or going up to heaven. Actually, I have given a special rainy effect to the sky - sun is peeping through the clouds to see the Ferry Man.

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