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Sleeping Dog

by Sandra Busby
(East Sussex, England)

Sleeping Dog

Sleeping Dog

We took our dog, Codi, with us on a mini-break to Wales and walked for miles each day. I drew her sleeping when we got back from one of our walks. The problem was, just as I had started the shading, she woke up, so I couldn't finish it!

She is a deep, rusty colour and I would have loved to have captured the rich tones of her smooth coat and contrasted it with the bright shines, but I never got that far.

So, this really is an unfinished drawing! However, the features and her basic shape is very like her so I was at least pleased with that, and one thing I have learned is that I really need to practice working faster!

**Note from Kerry:
Sandra, it's great to see you are not afraid to tackle any subject now. I love watching you grow as an artist, you are improving in leaps and bounds.

Added Comments:

by: Anonymous
Codi is such a pretty dog! I think that this is a truly wonderful drawing, that looks nowhere near unfinished! This really shows talent.

the sleppy dog
by: anna
it has good texture to it and i love how it is shaded

by: Sergio G.
Hi Sandra, very nice drawing of your dog, looks great,
I love your shading, I think you did a great job drawing your dog that fast, I wish I can draw that fast. Once again, great job.

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by Leah



This doesn't look much like a greyhound but it looks like the picture I drew it from.

I used HB, 6B and 2B pencils.

***Note from Kerry:
It's lovely Leah, congratulations on being able to produce such a wonderful likeness.

May I ask, what is your favorite paper?

Comments received:

by: Sue from Tennessee
It is a beautiful likeness of a dog. I have a soft spot for dogs, cats, horses, well all animals and love to TRY to draw them.

by: Marty
Hello Again Leah;
Well it sure looks like a greyhound to me. The drawing is a little dark and is somewhat hard to see, but I do have some eye problems so it may just be me.
Anyway it is a grand drawing. Thank You for sharing your great artwork with us.
Warm Regards

To Kerry, Sue, and Marty
by: Leah
Thank you for your nice comments=) Im not sure what type of paper it is but the brand name is Mead. Its says 70pts and that its heavyweight, acid-free, lignin-free paper. I dont know if that helps but I don't know the different types of paper or how to find out what type it is. I just use a sketchbook we got from Michaels craft store, but it is really nice.

I love all types of animals too, but I have a special interest in dogs. I think they are beautiful animals and it amazes me how they can love someone with all their heart even if they treat them badly. I know I don't.

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A Lost Dog

by ronald

My Animal Drawing Is Of A Lost Dog

My Animal Drawing Is Of A Lost Dog

I decided to use 4 corners of grids instead of marking up the whole grid, and side lines to make squares this way.

I drew between the dots as though it was a grid. I found it less confusing than using a real grid on the picture.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Ronald, it's so good to see you relying less on a full grid, and experimenting with taking away parts of the grid each time.

You've done a great job with your dog, I love his expression.

Comments for this drawing:
by: Nathalie
I love the dog--you give me courage to finish a dog that I am drawing for my daughter. I will post it when complete. Thanks for sharing .

by: Anonymous
This dog is so cute! I wish it would be easier to see him though.

by: Bev
good drawing
aww he's so cute - he looks lost poor lil guy

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