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Bulldog Drawings

Bulldog drawings may look complicated to a beginner artist because we know that bulldogs have a lot of wrinkles, therefore we think they must be hard to draw.

It's natural to tell ourselves this, based on the previous knowledge that we have about the dog. So, let's put that little myth to bed by first copying this simple outline of a bulldog.

Bulldog Outline

Learning to draw is full of surprises when you discover you can draw things that you always doubted you could. I think it's definitely a case of mind over matter.

Challenges are good for you

When you decide to do some drawings of bulldogs, practice with the outline first, to get the face right.

The face has the most detail so experiment with where to put those adorable wrinkles... (Not so adorable when they are on my face!)

Bulldog head

My bulldog drawings are done with a B pencil on photocopy paper which is great because there are 500 sheets in a ream and it's very economical to use for practice purposes.

It doesn't really matter which pencil you use but a soft B pencil is probably the best one for trainee artists. I like my 2B mechanical pencil.

It generally depends on what I'm drawing but I can also select a wood pencil from my Derwent Pencil Set which ranges from B to 9B plus other grades for variety (it is very useful).

H pencils are very hard pencils that you will likely use for shading and drafting, they're good to have once we acquire more confidence and knowledge about art.

Roll your kneaded rubber into a fine point to pick out the whites of eyes and to vary the pattern on a dog's coat.

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Bulldog Drawing

Did you know, if you misplace your kneadable eraser, you can use Blu-Tack instead?

I took up the challenge to draw a bulldog within my first year of drawing. It does you good to test your ability so long as you allow yourself to make mistakes and accept them as a way to learn.

The drawings here are all a first attempt. Of course, there are others that I am not showing you -- I do have some pride!

These bulldog drawings didn't take that much time to complete.

Probably the initial outline took the longest just to get it to look in proportion. I like to see how I go looking at my reference picture and then copying it as best as I can without using a grid or any type of drawing aid.

Remember to put the date on your bulldog drawing and show it off if you are proud of it.

Facts About Bulldogs

A bulldog is even-tempered and is said to make a good pet.

Bulldog Drawing

He is classified as a nonsporting dog now but from the 13th century until the 19th century, bulldogs were used to bait bulls and bears. I am happy to say that sport was outlawed.

The boxer dog is crossed with bulldogs. The bullmastiff is a cross between the bulldog and the mastiff.

The main characteristics of a bulldog are:

  • Medium sized with a thick set body.
  • A large head, short nose, strong jaw and short hair.
  • Colors range from red or brindle, white, fawn or mottled.
  • Muscular and courageous.

Use this information as you portray the animal and your images will be larger than life. If you enjoy what you are doing, you're doing it right!

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