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Seahorse Drawings

Create some seahorse drawings by first studying the unusual form and then, when you're ready, lightly sketch in the outline first.

Here is an easy outline of a seahorse to practice with and to get the feel of its shape.

Seahorse Oultine

You may not have an interest in the seahorse but it doesn't hurt to experiment and try illustrating every subject that you see.

Everything you draw counts as practice.

It's fine to pursue subjects that you love but it's also good to push boundaries and try to draw subjects that you would never normally attempt.

I find that attitude has helped me tremendously because I am not afraid to draw anything. That doesn't mean they all look good but I've had a go and that's the main thing.

When you are flexible with your outlook, you allow great things to happen.

I drew this outline when I first took up the challenge to teach myself to draw.

Go over your lines until you feel content with your efforts.

The act of re-drawing lines is very beneficial to your finished artwork. Once you arrive at the correct shape, darken the correct, light lines by putting more pressure on the pencil.

If you have a kneaded eraser, you can dab the image to erase the lighter lines. Oops, I omitted to do that here!

Throw perfection out the window and concentrate on what makes you happy. This is a sure way to discover your unique style.

Interesting Facts

Seahorse Drawing

Okay, now for some information about the seahorse to help you better understand it as you draw it.

A Seahorse...

  • was given that name because its head resembles a small horse head.
  • has a long snout and prominent eyes.
  • The body is about 5 inches long (13cm) with armour-like skin for protection.
  • long tail can curl around plants to cling and remain stationary.
  • is a weak swimmer so it mainly swims along on currents.
  • lifespan is about three years.
  • main features are the coronet and the dorsal fin.

I think he looks a bit pre-historic and it's such a very interesting little sea creature.

I've never really studied them before, I just took them for granted like I did everything else in my pre-drawing days. Being a hobby artist has stimulated my observation skills so that's an extra bonus that you can anticipate, too.

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Drawing With Effects

My mum came for a visit over the holidays and we did a couple of seahorse drawings together. I thought her images were so good, I have used 2 of them here as examples of nice pencil work. Thank you for sharing your artwork with us, Mum.

Have a look at this seahorse drawing below -- do you notice how putting some shading around the subject makes such a difference?

Seahorse Drawings

You can experiment with shading and adding shadow whenever you want, there is nothing to stop you. You discover that illustrations come alive with more character when you start using different pencil effects.

Once you have considerable practice with sketching, you also notice that ideas come to mind more readily - things you want to experiment with and how you want your next piece to appear. It is the old story of one thing leading to another and that is why learning to draw is so exciting!

I hope these seahorse drawings are of use to you and give you the inspiration to create some of these for your art portfolio.


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