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Frog Drawings

Take a leap into nature's wonderland by simply studying these easy frog drawings. The only way for you to know if you can draw is to try copying a simple image like this...

Frog Outline

This quick and easy frog outline is for you to test your skills.

It's ok for us to say we can't draw but is that right? Do we try hard enough? I'm pretty sure we can do anything if we put in the effort, so let's get to work.

Producing drawings of frogs is a simple task for a beginner artist. I know this because I drew these images in my first year and it's a fairly easy subject.

Please note that I didn't say anything about being perfect, that is all a matter of time. Patience is a great commodity to have when you are learning to draw.

If you are anything like me, creating a frog drawing on paper is about as close as I would like to get to frogs! They are not exactly my favorite animals. However, I do have sisters on farms and they like them to be around for various reasons regarding the laws of nature. I just hope I don't encounter any frogs when I visit their homes!

Learn About Frogs

Frogs are amphibians which means they can live on land and in water. They are found all over the world except in frozen land like Antarctica.

There are three stages to a frog's life:

  • egg
  • tadpole
  • adult frog

Female frogs lay several hundred eggs at once, usually in water.

A frog's life span is approximately six to eight years. They benefit humans by eating insects.

We are the frog's enemy because we destroy their breeding grounds and their habitat. Not intentionally of course, but it's apparently done in the name of progress.

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Tadpole Drawing

I chose to do a tadpole drawing but I felt that might look too bland on its own so I added some landscape around the water.

In hindsight, I notice the tadpole is too big and so it's out of perspective in the overall drawing. It should really just be a small black mark. Live and learn, eh?

Normally I hide all my failures but I'm showing them to you as an example that we all make mistakes. Accept that fact and you're going to do famously.

I think it has helped me grow as well, just by being brave enough to display artwork that isn't great quality.

Anyway, I digress, back to learning about our drawing topic for the day...

Frog Drawings

Insects are caught by the frog's long sticky tongue which is attached to the front of its mouth.

Fly Drawings

This tongue flick takes a fraction of a second and that means any insects taking a leisurely flight in front of a frog aren't around for too long!

The majority of frogs are brown and green but there are different varieties that have patterns and other colors on them.

If you love color drawings, it only takes a little research to find some interesting looking and not so common frogs.

Frogs Are Easy To Draw!

Tree Frog Drawings

This is a drawing of a simple tree frog. They are small and don't normally grow past two inches long at the most.

These frog drawings were done with a 2B pencil (my favorite) and a mechanical pencil with B lead.

A mechanical pencil is good because it doesn't go blunt. Naturally, the thin lead is fragile so it also subtly teaches you about pencil pressure, especially if you have a tendency to press too hard.

Just click the end of the pencil to make the lead go to the required length that you need for your drawing.

Create your own fun by copying and coloring all the minimalist frog drawings above and you'll soon notice your progress as a hobby artist.

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