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Tiger Drawing

I discovered that creating a tiger drawing requires a lot of patience -- I am used to finishing most subjects fairly quickly but this animal requires more time than normal.

Actually, I thought drawing tigers was a tricky little assignment! Concentration and discipline are the two main things needed to design authentic looking stripes.

Here is a tiger outline for you to practice copying until you're comfortable with the form.

Tiger Outline

It isn't an easy task to simplify this complicated animal so see how you go copying it in outline for a start.

I think my main problem is the eyes. Since I haven't quite conquered portrait drawing yet, this little flaw seems to come through in my animal drawings, too. I don't let this stop me though, I get encouraged seeing progressive improvement and if you practice along with me, the same will definitely happen for you.

What You Need To Know About Tigers

Tiger Drawing

Here is some helpful information about your drawing subject -- this knowledge assists with accurate portrayal.

Tigers are the largest of all cats and they are very muscular -- they're built for power, not speed.

They have short, muscular legs and the body is long and narrow. By long, I mean 9 feet or 2.7 meters. Wow! The female tiger, a tigress, is about one foot shorter in length.

The stripes on the tiger's coat is good camouflage, it's difficult to see them moving through the grass.

You will find tigers in south east Asia, living in grasslands, swamps, forest or jungle.

Tiger Drawings

We all know the stripes are black but the coat color varies from a brownish-yellow to an orange-red.

The stripes are not uniform, they vary in length, width and spacing.

There is some white hair on the throat, belly and inside the legs.

The hair around the head is a bit longer than the coat.

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A tiger's footprint is called a pugmark.

Tiger Footprint Drawing

With this drawing, I did the outline of the footprint with a mechanical pencil.

Then, I colored the paw pads with an 8B pencil and ran a H pencil over the whole drawing for the background.

I shaded the tiger drawing above with a H pencil which is very light but it's also hard and can ruin your paper, so use it with care.

I love my pencil set because it has a wide selection of every grade that I need.

Degree Of Difficulty

I couldn't resist drawing a tiger cub because they look so cute but at this stage of my drawing experience, I have tried to accomplish too much too fast.

Tiger Cub Drawing

It doesn't do any harm to try difficult subjects providing you know not to be disappointed if it doesn't turn out very well. If you tend to give up easily, I wouldn't recommend doing tiger drawings too soon.

I was going to scrap all of these drawings and start again but my family urged me to share them with you. So, needless to say you are seeing my very first attempts.

I think these drawings of tigers taught me a lot because I am gradually improving with drawing eyes and I am learning to observe more.

I wonder how you will do? Like I always say... you'll never, ever know if you don't have a go!

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