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Cat Drawing From Photo

by Megan

Cat Drawing From Photo

Cat Drawing From Photo

Here I have a cat drawing that I did, and the photo that I copied it from, so you can compare.

I would love to hear what you think about my drawing.

Another hobby of mine is photography.

***Note from Kerry:
That's an incredible likeness, Megan. You are very good, I hope you continue drawing.

Some comments received so far...

by: Aubrey
This drawing is wonderful! Please continue to draw. We will all be waiting for some more of you wonderful art.

I just thought of something. The cats head looks kind of flat in the drawing. I know no one likes criticism, but it does help....I should know. Sorry.

Very Impressive
by: Karmen
GREAT JOB! Keep up your great work.

by: Kerry
Hi Aubrey
I see you mean along the top of the head and not as in dimension which was my first thought. I originally struggled to work out which one was the drawing so I had not noticed that.

It could always be that those pencil strokes didn't scan well or show up in the photo. Sue (a regular visitor) is Megan's Mom so she may be able to tell us.

Thanks Aubrey and please continue to contribute your thoughts and encouragement, I really appreciate it.

by: sue
Actually, that was her first attempt at drawing.

by: Kerry

Hi Sue
I hope you didn't take offense to Aubrey's note, he obviously is only trying to help Megan since he was so captivated by the drawing in the first place. See, it took him a while to notice it because he kept coming back to admire it!

I am sure no harm was intended, Aubrey did mention that these little pointers helped him.

Actually, I cringe that anyone should do a dedicated study of any of my drawings since they are all drawings from when I first started up to now. I happily admit I have a long way to go but even so, I have to prepare myself for all sorts of comments whenever I display my work. It's a learning process... Hope you are ok...

I wrote 'seriously?' because you said it was her first attempt at drawing. Gosh, who wouldn't be proud of that? As I said, I was flat out trying to work out which was the photo. Megan is certainly talented and I really hope she continues to draw. I know she is very busy with her dancing but it would be a shame for her to stop drawing.

by: Sue from Tennessee

Absolutely no offense taken. It was such a surprise that someone commented on it after so much time that I thought he was not aware of 2 things: (1) I submitted the drawing without her knowing it. and (2) It was her first attempt. She is really into the photography now (and it is profitable, as she has been commissioned to do a wedding, 2 engagement shoots, and a graduation). But this is what inspired me to try my hand at sketching. So it has more importance than just a drawing. Right now she is busy getting ready for the wedding (June 18). I can't believe my baby is getting married!!!!! But I believe it will be wonderful.
I taught 14 year olds for 30 years. I have very thick skin. (to match my head). So no constructive criticism is ever offensive to me. Not to worry.

by: Anonymous

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Danger-Cat Thinking

by Megan

Danger-Cat Thinking

Danger-Cat Thinking

I'm still working from photos because photography is one of my hobbies. Cats don't sit for a pose too well.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Megan, thank goodness you used a spiral pad otherwise I would have had trouble deciding which was the drawing! Keep up the good work.

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