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by Mallory

A Drawing Of A Husky

A Drawing Of A Husky

I drew this because I just love the markings on Siberian Husky's faces!

Thanks for looking!

**Note from Kerry:
This is a very good drawing, Mallory. It shows that when you like the subject you draw, your sketch evolves easily.

Some Comments received:

by: Jim
This is very good; especially the eyes and ears.

by: Mallory
Thanks, alot of people tell me i make the eyes of my animal drawings have alot of expression

by: Anonymous
Simple yet effective. I too like the eyes

mallory, this is like one of the best drawings you ever did, wow, awesome and cool!!!
from cassie

by: Kylie nsw
I love your work great job keep it up!! If this was in a shop i honestly would pay good money for it.

by: Anonymous
That is cool. ALMOST looks professional.

Good job, I love it

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Husky Puppy

by Mallory

Husky Puppy Drawing

Husky Puppy Drawing

Not sure if this is in proportion, I am still learning a lot about drawing.

(Leave a comment and tell me if you think he is) but I think he has much expression in his eyes!

Thanks for looking!

**Note from Kerry:
For a budding young artist Mallory, you are doing very well. Drawing animals is not an easy task but you seem to have taken to it really well.

A Few Comments...

by: Anonymous
i think it's good.

by: adoribal
keep up the good work
that is so cute it looks just like me new born husky ur work might become very famous

by: iditarod fan 89
that is so cute i think that is so realistic you r awesome

looks like my new born husky
by: kelly
wow that is so cute it looks like my new born husky puppy which is 2 months old. i swear it looks like her.

by: Sasuke Ukiha
Good drawing i like it man. And I'm Sasuke Ukiha from Naruto, if you know me.

by: Rajashekhar malagihal
This is a very exlametery. I want to be an artist like you. please give me tips to draw with your bless

by: Anna
Awwww! How cute!! Huskys are my favorite puppy!!! ^_^!! GREAT job!

Puppie LOVE
by: Kylie NSW
that is a realy great picture of the puppie husky!! Keep up the great work and you may never know but your work just might turn you into a professional artist.

by: Nancy Aingworth
Husky Eyes
Proportion-wise, I'm not sure a Husky's ears are quite that large (though they might be), but I love the expression you captured in this puppy's eyes. He's adorable!

by: Jim
Very cute. The eyes and paws are super.

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