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Quarter Horse Stallion

by Carolyn Valcourt
(Taylorsville, NC, USA)

Quarter Horse Friend

Quarter Horse Friend

I have been drawing horses since I was a little girl.

This is one of my favorites because of the position of the horse and the expression. I used pencil only.

I give God the glory for my natural untrained talent.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Carolyn, this is a beautiful horse drawing, well done!

Comments received:

by: martin
hello there. You have done a great job...good work.. you have given life to the drawing...God bless you

by: Marty
Hello, Carolyn;
My, my what a grand looking horse. I also see a lot of detail and you really brought out the love you show in this great drawing.
You horse looks so real and he also looks like it wouldn't take him very long to have me laying on the ground.
Now is he really broke for riding or is he just green broke?
You'd be riding hi and tall when you road this Quarter Horse.
I just love drawings of horses, cowboys, indians and etc.
So please draw more for us.
With warm regards

by: Carolyn
Thanks, Marty and Martin for the comments. This isn't my horse. I will draw a picture of my horse and send it in sometime. I draw when I'm not busy teaching school. Although I draw and do school big wall murals, etc. when I'm at school, too. I just had my second knee replaced so I am home for eight weeks recovering. That gives me plenty of time to draw and color. I'll send some more drawings soon. I draw carousel horses, too.

by: Marty
It's me again Marty and I would love to see your drawings on your carousel horses.
You have a great talent, never let anyone tell you any different.
Also never let anyone steal your dream's.
God Bless

by: Sue from Tennessee
I love horses. This is beautiful. Do you care if I copy it and try to do a tenth of the job you have done?

by: Carolyn Valcourt
Hi Yes, you can copy it. I think you'd do better copying from photos rather than my drawing though. What do you think?

by: Horse Lover
What a beautiful quarter horse drawing! I could never do that from scratch- I need to look at photos.

by: Anonymous
I'm amazed at how real this is! I love drawing horses, and I'm crazy about them. I could never draw something close to this! You have everything right in this picture. Draw more horses, you're good at them!

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