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by michelle
(now london, ontario canada)

I finished this drawing November 13th. I used hb 3b 2b 4b and h pencil it is done on 90lb paper I used tortillion to blend and kneaded eraser for some highlites.

Kerry please note i have moved from granton to London i have added new email address (sympatico one) you can delete one

***Note from Kerry:
Gee Michelle, this is a beautiful drawing. I wonder what you think of your own creations? You really progressed in an incredibly short time and that's what makes me stare at your wonderful artwork.

Michelle, I don't have access to altering email addresses when you send in your artwork, that's why I tell everyone to enter their email addy's carefully. A way to make sure you receive comments on any of your existing pages is to make a new comment and enter your new email there.

How's London?

Thank you so much for sharing this delightful piece with us here.

Comment received...
Loving the Wolves
by: Jane
Wow this drawing is fantastic! I doubt I'll ever be able to do anything this fantastic! I love it! It's just amazing, I love all of your work!

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Lone wolf

by michelle chambers
(london on fromerly granton)

i did this drawing in one hour lol you can tell.
I used hb 2b h2 kneaded eraser tortilion.
I did it for fun and to limber up.

Note from Kerry:
Michelle, I know you have high standards for your work but I actually love this drawing! Rough drawings have more personality, they tell me more about the artist, there's just more to study and like. You can limber up as much as you want and please continue to share them!
PS. Welcome back!!! We've missed you, hope you are settling down nicely now.

by: Michael Betz
Wow...this is how well you do when just "limbering up"? I think this one is great! I agree with Kerry on the personality part...this drawing has character......

by: michelle
Thanks to both of you Kerry and Michael for you kind words

by: FiiD
WooW, really awesome drawing... :)

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Mom and cub

by michelle chambers
(london on formerly granton)

This is the drawing after the limbering up lol took approx 3hours.
I used 4b 3b 2b hb h2 tortillion kneaded eraser my fingers lol and cotton swab...
and hi everyone glad to be back in the swing of things.

Note from Kerry:
Hi Michelle,
It's great to see you back here, too! Your drawing is sooo beautiful.

Comment for Mum and cub:

Welcome Back.....
by: Michael Betz
It's good to see you back in the swing of things.....this drawing is stunning work!

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Steph's Wolf

by Leah

Steph's Wolf

Steph's Wolf

We moved a couple of weeks ago to a different state so I drew this picture for my best friend Stephanie, she loves wolves.

I used a 6B pencil for the detail work and darker areas, and a HB pencil for the lighter areas.

***Note from Kerry:
Great job, Leah! Your friend will love this, it is a thoughtful gesture on your behalf.

Comments for Steph's Wolf:

by Stephanie:
thank you leah! i'm glad you are so thoughtful and i think of you every time i see it. you are amazing. I LOVE YA!!!!!

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