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Carolyn's Carousel 42

by Carolyn Valclourt
(Taylorsville, NC USA)

Carousel 42

Carousel 42

When I stayed home with my newborn daughter who is now 20 I saw the magic when she was about three.

She loved to ride on the carousel horses. Her face was so aglow I started to draw carousels from the elegant late 1800's as well as drawing some of my own designs.

This horse is number 42. He is an antique Dentzel I drew from a photograph. I drew him with pencil, colored pencil, ink, and acrylic paint. He is framed and I had a hard time taking a picture without glare from this print.

***Note from Kerry:
Carolyn this is so lovely, no wonder you are proudly displaying such a beautiful work of art.

***Comment by Marty:
Hello Carolyn;

My what a beautiful drawing. Your drawing is more than a drawing it is a fantastic piece of art.

I remember when I was younger and we would go to the fair and ride the merry-go-round and all those beautiful carousel horses.

I shall never forget and you brought back all those great memories. Thank You.
Warm Regards

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First Blue Ribbon

by Carolyn Valcourt
(Taylorsville, NC USA)

Cowboy's First Blue

Cowboy's First Blue

This is my first attempt at pencil watercolors. It is taken from a photo of my daughter and my yearling gelding, Vanzies Patented Sun, we call "Cowboy".

They were just coming out of his very first halter class, at his first horse show and they were headed toward the gate to pick up their blue ribbon. So this piece depicts a lot of firsts.

I am excited about it and will try again. I was quite apprehensive about doing my daughter's face since I have a lot of difficulty with portraits.

Her face was the last white blank piece to be colored. I only had twelve water colored pencils and none seemed to be the right color. Even blending them seemed impossible so I mixed some acrylics for her face and did the best I could. It looks a little better in real life.

It makes me want to take some water color lessons. I used Karat Aquarell watercolor pencils made in Germany. I used Essentials Acrylic paints. I will try another watercolor shortly.

***Note from Kerry:
Carolyn, thank you for such a wonderful story behind the painting. It is so good to get the background because it helps me understand a lot more about the artist and subject.

I am amazed this is your first attempt at watercolor! This is very good. Thank you.

Comments received:

by: Marty
Hello Carolyn;
I just have to agree with Kerry, and this is just fantastic.
I paint in oils but after reading your story it makes me want to try water colors.
And I think you done a grand job with her face, I really love the way you finished this great piece of artwork.
Keep it up and please share some more with us.

by: Carolyn
Thanks, Kerry, and Marty. You are both very encouraging. I did try a couple more water colors. They came out ok. I still need practice. Soon my art time will be cut way back when I go back to teaching school. So I am making every moment count and am drawing all the time. I will send in a couple more pieces. Thanks again for your encouragement.
God Bless....

by: Sergio
Hi Carolyn, you did a fantastic job on your first blue ribbon drawing, your colors are very nice, and for this to be your first time in water colors, you did so great. Keep it up my friend, with so much honor I give you 5*****.

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