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A Lazy Fawn

by Tracy Noseworthy
(Newfoundland, Canada)

A Lazy Fawn

A Lazy Fawn

My husband and I visited British Columbia last summer, while we were driving along one of the side roads, we came across this little guy. He was resting in the tall grass only a few feet away from the main road. Such a sweet little thing, without a care in the world.

I found him to be very inspiring. Hope you like my sketch!

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Tracy, the first thing I thought was "Oh, that is beautiful", I really love your sketch.

Did you take a photo and sketch from that or did you sketch it at the time or is it from memory? Whichever way it is, I admire your work.

Comments for Lazy Fawn:
by: Deyni
I love it, looks so natural and peaceful!

by: Marty
Hello Tracy;
I adore your artwork here. It is so lifelike and real. You sure are talented, so share some more of your art with us, please.

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by Leah



I am starting to experiment with drawing different animals.

This one didn't turn out very well, but it was fun to try it.

***Note from Kerry:
Fun is the name of the game, Leah, and I'd be proud if this was mine.

by: Revathi
The innocence in the face has come out very well.. Its a good attempt..Keep it up..

by: Sergio
Hi Leah, I like your Fawn drawing very cute keep it up my friend, with so much honor I give you 5*****.

by: michele
I agree I would be proud if it was mine but I have learned that we are are own worst critics sometimes are too hard on our work and we should lighten up a little on our selves ..good work Leah

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by Jayme Betz
(Las Vegas)

I like animals.

**Note: This is my daughter Jayme's second drawing she is posting on here. She was bored the other day and drew this deer. Michael Betz.

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Jayme,
Wow, you must take after your Dad, you've done a fantastic drawing of the deer! Well done!

Comments for the deer:

by: Michael Betz
Jayme says "Thank you, and yeah, I do." and then she smiled.......

by: Marty
Hello Jayme Betz:
Wow and a triple Wow of your beautiful Deer.
Jayme you done a great job on your deer and he is so awesome, amazing and fantastic.
I wonder if I could print your deer out so I cam frame him and put on my wall in front of my computer. It would encourage me very much to keep on drawing and painting.
Jayme sometimes I get down in the dumps or have like a blue day and I need some love or love in a drawing to get me going.
Thank You Jayme for sharing your wonderful Deer with us.

by: Arish
Wow Jayme how beautiful your drawing is.You are very talented as your dad.Waiting to see more your drawings.....

by: Michael Betz
Hey Marty, I asked Jayme if you could print out this picture and she said "Yeah, sure" go for it Marty, and thank you for your too Arish. I think it really boosts her self confidence by reading the comments that you all leave.

by: rachel
Hey Jayme, awesome picture, this is really great, and you're dad is a legend :)

by: Michael Betz
You are way too kind Rachel. Jayme thanks you for your comments, and I am getting a huge ego

Ummm hey
by: 3lmo
Nice drawing Jayme! Must have worked hard on it.. U shud post more. k talk to u on facebook c u at school

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