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Fox Terrier

by michelle chambers
(granton on canada)

graphite fox terrior

graphite fox terrior

graphite fox terrior
colored fox terrior

Hi everyone, I have done my first drawing since surgery on right shoulder. I am a little heavy handed right now but will be extremely happier when my hand loosens up.

This drawing is the final product i roughly sketched him in graphite with hb 2b 3b h and then i did him in color with prisma colored pencils .....i will download both drawings part a and part b

...glad to be back

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Michelle!!!
Welcome back! Isn't it funny, I've been thinking about you and wondering how you did after surgery. I clearly see no damage was done, thankfully. Your drawings are brilliant (as per usual) and I just love your little foxy's.
Even though the little colored one is cute (with sadder eyes!) I am drawn to the graphite one. I must have a disease with graphite! Of course, they are both very good. You must have missed drawing something fierce, how did you cope?

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Loyal Hound

by Ninja =]
(Yakima WA)

Reference pic

Hey everyone! Ninja here! Sorry I haven't been posting stuff lately (family issues).

So this is my most recent drawing. I usually am very timid when it comes to color/shading, but I just had to make an exception to this little beauty! She is a Black and Tan Coonhound that i found on google and I was instantly in love! I just could not draw her feet so I improvised with some swamp weeds and I think it gave her a "I'm a successful hunter" feel.

Thank you and Merry Christmas - <3 Ninja =]

Note from Kerry:

Hey Ninja! It's great to hear from you again.
You've managed to capture a great likeness of your lovable hound dog. He is gorgeous, good job!

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Attentive Mother

by Ninja =]
(Yakima, WA)

Isn't she a cutie?

Isn't she a cutie?

Isn't she a cutie?
This is the picture I copied her from.

So I haven't been drawing lately with school starting and all but I managed to muster this lioness. I used a mechanical pencil and medium weight drawing paper.

She took 3 hours but I thought it was worth it!

Thank you for takin' a gander at her!

***Note from Kerry:
Hi Ninja! Your drawing is fantastic! I love it. Thanks for sharing the pic you copied too, it's clear to see you have a great artist's eye.

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Bears and cubs

by Sharon Du Plessis
(Gauteng, South Africa)

Rooster and hens

I've done this drawing with some H and B pencils. Animals interest me lots, and I would love to do it professionally, but only time will be able to teach me that.
Passion for art and dedication is my drivers and knowledge about drawing is addictive to me! Baby-steps is what I'm taking here, although I need to include more dark-effects in this drawing!
The rooster and hens I did with charcoal, without a sketch, as an exercise to see if my absorption and analysing is up to date- wow, and was that a scary experience too!

Note from Kerry:

Sharon, it's great to see you aren't afraid to try different topics. I have to tell you I just love the way you did the hens. The detailing with the bears is awesome and hard to fault but the hens catch my interest.

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